Hi, we are Dobro.

Before anything, we would like to talk about lasting relationships. And, for us, they are based on truths. Isn’t it truth?

Nowadays, brands communicate their value in a very traditional way, using all media and channels of communication. The message is delivered to the audience, but not always the speech corresponds to the practice. As this perception grows, the need to truly transform an effective action on to something that matter arises.

That’s Dobro’s job.

We work with a transforming communication. This means that we do not limit ourselves to the conventional and, besides branding, websites, campaigns, marketing planning we do otras cositas más.

A transforming communication is a way of helping brands to identify theirselves with their values and purpose, so we can translate them, connecting people by activating in them a new way of thinking putting them as the main change generator agent.

This is how we create a consistent communication. A transforming communication.

We do
a lot.

If you are reading this in English, we believe it is because you are interested in our International Branding service. Here at Dobro, International Branding is such a special service that it even has it’s own name: Pulse. So, International Branding is Pulse and Pulse is International Branding. We created this service because we believe that barriers (geographic, economical and cultural) shouldn’t prevent brands from spreading around the globe and win foreigners hearts. With Pulse we facilitate and reduce the entrance risk in order to extend brand’s permanency on international markets by using a services network powered by specialized strategic partners. Did you like what you read? So talk to us.